Ontraport vs Infusionsoft – The Complete Comparison

“Who is the winner of the battle Infusionsoft vs Ontraport?”
Ontraport and Infusionsoft are the most relevant all-in-one marketing automation tools for small businesses today – they combine the power of CRM, e-Commerce, affiliate tracking and sophisticated automation, bundled into one affordable platform.
Both products have their pleasure and pain points as outlined below. This comparison is the result of years of experience of working with both systems.

In-depth comparison by Certified Consultant

Hi there, I’m Sarit Neundorf, and I’m one of very few people in the world who are Certified Consultants for BOTH, Ontraport AND Infusionsoft. I have used both platforms extensively in my own businesses, and I have helped hundreds of business owners with strategic planning, implementation and optimization on both programs. So, yes, I do know what I’m talking about… About...

The Lowdown – Quick Overview For Busy People

Both systems are powerful tools that can completely revolutionize your business.
They are comparable in their philosophy and approach, and both systems are being used by very prolific and successful marketers.

However, today I am clearly recommending Ontraport as the best all-in-one Sales and Marketing Automation platform.

Here’s why:

Ontraport is getting better and better – quickly. Infusionsoft, despite large-scale funding and employing a huge team, is, inexplicably, just too slow to deliver what their customers need and are asking for. With Infusionsoft you require paid 3rd party apps to achieve some of the most basic tasks, like modern forms, pages, split-testing, text messaging, field math, the list goes on and on. Attempts at rolling out important features that could be considered standard, sometimes take years, if they happen at all, and when they happen they are often half-baked or 2-3 years behind their competitors (I have so many examples for that).

In the past I used to recommend Infusionsoft over Ontraport for most users, simply because Infusionsoft had a visual campaign builder and Ontraport did not. From a technology and versatility standpoint Ontraport has been superior to Infusionsoft for quite a while, but – prior to the introduction of their campaign builder – it was a really hard system to configure if you weren’t a techie-geek.

Then Ontraport rolled out their visual campaign builder, which is a KILLER building tool AND a killer reporting/analytics tool in ONE. In my opinion it is the best builder in the industry. And, boy, does it make Infusionsoft’s builder look sad in comparison. The visual campaign builder made such impact that it put Ontraport again on the headlines for being a Bronze winner in the prestigious Best in Biz Awards for Best New Product Feature of the Year – Enterprise/SMB category.

Watching Ontraports campaign builder / campaign reporting in action made it really clear to me that Ontraport gets stuff done. They listen, they research, they care about their customers’ experience, and they are small enough yet tenacious enough to roll stuff out in short time with a really small team of motivated folks.

In a nutshell, I believe that Ontraport is the more modern and more powerful system, and it offers FAR better value for your money in terms of built in functionality and feature richness. The only aspect where (in my humble opinion) Infusionsoft is stronger than Ontraport, is that it has a bigger, stronger ecosystem of 3rd party apps, integrations and consultants.

This, of course, is the super short version. Please spend as much time as you like on this page, and use the detailed comparison below to form your own opinion and make a decision which of these tools is the best fit for you and your business.

Ontraport may be a better fit for you if…

  • You are a very small entity or “solopreneur”, specifically from the following industries: Information Marketers, Coaches, Speakers, Consultant, Authors (View Success Stories…)
  • You want lots of functionality and pretty much all you will ever need included out-of-the-box and not purchase a number of 3rd party tools to do things like split-testing, campaign reporting, WordPress membership, SMS…)
  • Your initial funds are low and you don’t want to pay for multiple 3rd party add ons.
  • You like the cool, fresh, modern, fun vibe of this smaller, more personal, more flexible company.
  • You are sending out a high volume of emails and you need your own IP address (or want to have control about your own sender reputation) (extra fee applies)
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Infusionsoft may be a better fit for you if…

  • You are more a “classic” small business (as opposed to “online”) with a small number of employees and/or a small sales team. (View success stories…)
  • You are a B2B business
  • You sell services or products that require a “complex” sales process – i.e. multiple conversations and follow ups, quotes, proposals, product demos etc.
  • You need sales opportunity management and sales pipeline(s) (with automation)
  • You want a full shopping cart, and not just order forms, out-of-the-box.
  • You feel safer with a more established brand, backed by a bigger company and some multi million dollar funding.
  • You want access to a huge ecosystem of 3rd party apps, consultants and integrations
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The biggest PAIN and PLEASURE points

Here is a list of the biggest “gotchas” from a daily practice point of view that will shed some light on the Ontraport vs Infusionsoft debate.
The PLEASURE points are features that will delight you, turn you on, excite you and make you sing “Hallelujah” each time you realize that they are available and/or you use them.
The PAIN  points are these daily “WTF!?” moments when you think “How is it possible that this is so clumsy or not even there at all?”

Ontraport pleasure points…

  • Game-changing, award winning, state-of-the art visual campaign builder with serious visual reporting and analytics capabilities (and an industry-first “Projection Mode” to predict the impact that changes in strategy will have)
  • “Ontrapages” landing-page builder to create mobile responsive forms, landing pages, order pages and forms.
  • Ontraforms mobile responsive, great looking modal forms with a wide range of display options and proper in-line validation.
  • Ontramail mobile responsive email editor
  • Built in A-B-C-D split testing for everything: emails, sms, post cards, landing pages, even entire campaigns
  • Built in 2-way text messaging
  • Built in 1-click upsell
  • Built in Membership Sites functionality via WordPress plugin, to build membership areas with protected content.
  • Task Outcome Automationtrigger different follow up automation based on the outcome of a user task
  • Custom objects with 1-to-1, 1-to-many and many-to-many relationships that allow you to build custom data objects in addition to the basic “contact” object
  • Webhook API integration (receive data from many other cloud services who can send webhooks, without the need to invest in a 3rd party connector like Zapier)
  • Completely customizable Card View to build any kind of structured pipeline (not just deals/opportunities)
  • Built in Stripe Integration (and other popular merchants) so that you can immediately start collecting payments with ease almost anywhere in the world (compare with Infusionsoft Pain Points)
  • Facebook connect (1-click opt in)
  • Built in Facebook Custom Audience integration
  • Rules that watch everything you can imagine
  • Built in tracking of website visits by data base contacts (which can then trigger an action)
  • Personalized URLs (PURLS)
  • Built in Postcards (US only)
  • Personal coupon codes (one-time use, can be set to expire on specific date or amount of time after creation)
  • Group coupon codes can be limited in number
  • Private IP possible (extra fee)
  • Attractive subscription management page
  • Built in leadsource tracking with UTM variables
  • Conditional logic on forms (not yet on the new Ontraforms, but the old “smart” forms)
  • Easily add fields to order forms
  • Lead scoring with tons of conditions and automatic degradation
  • Dashboard widgets are very flexible for reporting
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Infusionsoft pleasure points

  • Visual campaign builder that makes configuring campaigns drag-and-drop easy but sadly hasn’t seen any development in many years and is quite lame compared to Ontraport’s. Campaign reporting is super rudimentary, and it is very limited in trigger and action types and manipulation of CRM data.
  • My Day productivity tool – calendar, tasks etc. in one, nice looking location for enhanced productivity
  • “Full” Shopping Cart (but very rudimentary, chances are you will need to invest in a 3rd party shopping cart)
  • Great Mobile App to see all contact data on the go, set tags, add tasks etc.
  • Take mobile payments via mobile app and proprietary card reader.
  • Opportunity Management and Sales Pipeline is an “ok” functionality add-on, but again, lags far behind Ontraport’s features. It is severely limited in automation capabilities – all you can do is trigger some follow-up automation when an opportunity is moved between stages, but no manipulation of opportunity values through automation is impossible, and inexplicably you can’t even merge opportunity data into emails, so what’s the point?
  • Huge marketplace of 3rd party apps, Certified Consultants and dozens of free campaigns that you can import into your app with one click
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Ontraport PAIN points

  • No tag categories (grouping of tags only by exact naming convention and filtering – a minor inconvenience that requires proper planning and naming of tags)
  • Fewer reliable 3rd party apps to enhance functionality beyond the built in features. Rudimentary Zapier integration (but growing).

Infusionsoft PAIN points

  • Despite enormous funding they are very slow at fixing things or adding highly requested features. (e.g. customizable order forms) 
  • A lot of things that you would think should be there out of the box are not only not there, but also downright difficult to achieve (unless you get a 3rd party add on, some custom API programming or know how to “hack” HTML and CSS.)
  • Extremely limited forms and pages. After not offering anything mobile responsive for years, we’re finally seeing some attempts in providing modern-ish landing pages with the 2017 release of a new landing page builder (which is a good step in the right direction, but lagging SO FAR behind Ontrapages, and it is buggy and annoying as hell)
    Forms (that are not part of the new landing page builder) are a complete joke – not responsive, no in-line form validation (instead a hideous screen if you made a mistake). Completely unacceptable in this day and age.
  • Order forms are very hard to configure and only mildly responsive (and I’m still waiting for a native terms & conditions checkbox, 6 years and counting)
  • No integration with Stripe payment gateway. This is a huge annoyance if you’re located “in the (wrong) rest of the world”. Infusionsoft is offering their own easy-to-apply-for merchant gateway “Infusionsoft Payments” to customers in US, Canada, UK, Australia, at similar conditions as Stripe/Paypal BUT if you’re in ANY other country in the world you may have to jump through many hoops to get a proper merchant account that integrates with Infusionsoft. I have seen dozens of frustrated Infusionsoft clients try to get a payment gateway that works in their country, even though they already HAD Stripe. Sure, there’s a 3rd party add-on to link Infusionsoft to Stripe, but that’s another $47/mo right there, just to get a service that Ontraport provides right out of the gate. It will add up.

Feature Comparison by Category

I don’t want to completely overwhelm you. That’s why this section has been edited to show only the most important differences.
The respective winning features are displayed in bold for a faster comparison.


Ontraport CRM

  • Great, flexible, freely customizable CRM, including a powerful concept for company and opportunity / deals records with many trigger types, data manipulation and merging of company/deals data into emails, text messages etc.
  • Freely customizable Card View to arrange ANY contact data into cards that can be moved between “stages” per drag and drop
  • Custom data objects (starting at Pro level) that can be linked in 1-to-1, 1-to-many and many-to-many relationships. Linked data can be used in automation. This is very unique and powerful. (Read more…)
  • Contacts can enter through one-click Facebook connect
  • 150 Custom Fields (per object type)
  • Layout of the CRM part is fully customizable in tabs, sections and fields (standard and custom fields)

Infusionsoft CRM

  • B2B-enabled CRM with company records and opportunities (Sales Pipeline module required at extra cost). Inferior functionality (limited triggers, and no manipulation or merging of company/opportunity data into emails)
  • No way to create new object types, create relationships between them and use data from a connected data set inside automation other than with a 3rd party app. Check out Macanta, it is THE best (and only) 3rd party app that will make Infusionsoft do what Ontraport has built in (starting at Pro level)
  • 100 Custom fields per record type (100 fields for contact records, 100 for company records, 100 for orders, 100 for opportunities etc.)
  • Layout of the CRM is not customizable. Only custom fields can be rearranged on the custom tabs, which is cumbersome.

Marketing and Automation

Ontraport Marketing and Automation

  • Ontrapages – a mobile responsive landing page builder similar to LeadPages
  • Ontramail – mobile responsive customizable email templates
  • Extremely convenient, integrated A/B/C/D split testing for everything – landing pages, forms, emails, postcards.
  • Leading edge visual campaign builder tool with very strong built in campaign reporting
  • Facebook Custom Audience integration
  • Printed post cards (full-color on both sides, UV coated, and sent with first-class mail, USA only) great builder for post-cards – elements can be arranged on layers and moved freely
  • PURLs = Personalized URLs that can be printed on postcards in order to track client interaction or sent by email for better personalization
  • Two-way SMS messaging out-of-the-box
  • No voice broadcast (but integrates with VoiceShot and CallLoop, an additional expense per month)
  • Easy membership site functionality (for WordPress sites) is included (simple functionality, it allows you to display or hide pages and content according to a contact’s membership status)
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Infusionsoft Marketing and Automation

  • “OK” drag-and-drop form and page builder. Somewhat limited in how to arrange things on the canvas. Very limited design capabilities (e.g. no transparency)
  • Split testing is possible but really difficult and a LOT of work
  • Decent visual campaign builder, but with very insufficient reporting capabilities
  • No postcards, but letters and faxes
  • No PURLs
  • SMS messaging only through 3rd party add-ons (an additional expense per month). We recommend PlusThis for text messaging and dozens of other life-saving Infusionsoft enhancing features
  • Includes voice and fax broadcasts
  • No membership site functionality included. You have to invest in an add-on like Memberium (widely considered best Membership plugin for Infusionsoft by certified consultants), CustomerHub, iMember360 or Wishlist Member at a monthly fee. These tool, however, do much more than the simple Ontraport functionality.
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Ontraport E-Commerce 

  • Has no shopping cart/ storefront, only order forms. It is necessary to have a separate shopping cart. They offer integration with 1Shoppingcart and Ultracart
  • Built in feature to create complete chains of up-sells and down-sells
  • Individual and Group Coupon Codes In addition to general coupon codes (for everybody) you can also create personal custom codes dynamically, in the moment that you send out an email, a  text message or a postcard, and set it to expire on either a fixed date or x amount of time after its creation. Powerful! Group codes can be limited how often they can be used.
  • Build flexible, mobile responsive Order Forms with Ontrapages. Easily collect additional information or let people agree to terms and conditions without hiring a programmer (something that Infusionsoft has refused to implement for at least 5 years now – inexplicable)
  • Stripe gateway integration out of the box
Infusionsoft E-Commerce

  • E-Commerce is a module that can be added on to the  starter edition
  • Has a shoppingcart / storefront built in, which is pretty decent but not as feature-rich as a dedicated shopping cart product like 1Shoppingcart etc.
  • Has a rather simple, targeted up-sell function inside order forms and shopping cart (similar to the “you might also like this item – add to cart?”). Building 1-click upsells is difficult or requires a 3rd party plugin.
  • Only group promo codes, no individual ones. Group codes can’t be limited in number of uses.
  • Ok-looking order forms that are not only not really mobile responsive but also impossible to configure without an advanced html/css/java programmer (try adding a “terms and conditions” checkbox…)
  • Integrates with several payment gateways, but not Stripe. They offer their own “Stripe-like” payment processor, easy set-up and similar conditions as Stripe
  • Process credit card payments through Infusionsoft mobile app and proprietary card reader

Pricing and Signup

Ontraport Pricing and Signup

  • Click here to see the Ontraport Pricing Page
  • Available in 4 editions: Basic, PlusPro and Enterprise.
  • Number of Users:
    1 (Basic), 2 (Plus), 3 (Pro), 5 (Enterprise)
  • Number of Contacts: 1,000 (Basic), 2,500 (Plus) 10,000 (Pro) 20,000 (Enterprise)
  • Emails/month: Unlimited (Basic, Plus and Pro) 200,000 (Enterprise)
  • Monthly Costs: $79 (Basic), $147 (Plus), $297 (Pro), $497 (Enterprise)
  • Setup Services – Plus, Pro and Enterprise
  • Two hours of Onboarding Consultation included for free
  • Free Postmaster Consultation (Pro and Enterprise)
  • Account Management: Enterprise
  • Free Support Screenshare and Live Chat during the following times: Mon – Thu 6am – 12am, Fri 6am – 9pm and Sat – Sun 9am – 9pm (all times in PST) – the most customer friendly times in the industry. The screenshare support is an industry-first. Screenshare sessions need to be scheduled using an online scheduler, and are often available immediately or within the hour.

Infusionsoft Pricing and Signup

  • Click here to see the Infusionsoft Feature and Pricing Page
  • Tiered pricing structure based on the number of contacts
  • Number of Users: 1 (each additional user $29/mo)
  • Number of Contacts: – The entry level edition starts with 500 contacts
  • Add more contacts:
      1,500 contacts at $129/mo
    • 2,500 contacts at $169/mo
    • 5,000 contacts at $199/mo
    • 10,000 contacts at $239/mo
    • 25,000 contacts at $279/mo
    • 50,000 contacts at $319/mo
    • 100,000 contacts at $379/mo
    • 150,000 contacts at $499/mo
    • 200,000 contacts at $699/mo
  • Emails/month: Unlimited (All plans)
  • Monthly Cost: $99 for the entry level edition with 1 user, 500 contacts and unlimited emails/mo)
  • Add Sales Pipeline module: $59/mo
  • Add E-Commerce module: $59/mo
  • Obligatory Onboarding Service at: $299 (used to be $1999 or more)
  • Free phone support (with free phone numbers in US, UK and AUS): Mon – Fri 6 AM to 7 PM (Arizona time), Live Chat 24/7, but in my experience that’s not always reliably so.


Ontraport Company

  • Has been around since 2006, and has grown by 3,000% in the last 3 years
  • Has a team of around 100 employees.
  • Works with a “bootstrapped” budget but gets stuff done elegantly and innovatively
  • Has won numerous “best workplace” awards.
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Infusionsoft Company

  • Has been around since 2001 and according to their website “serves 10,000 small businesses and 145,000+ users worldwide”
  • Has more than 300 employees
  • Received several rounds of funding of ca. $50M each but still is inexplicably slow in providing an up-to-date, modern set of functionality
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