Ontraport Review

What Ontraport has achieved to build with a small, bootstrapped team is nothing short of a miracle. The Ontraport platform is a feature-rich, reliable, well designed tool that can do almost anything out of the box.

With no startup fee (starting with Ontraport Plus), month to month billing and a three-month money back guarantee, the entry and commitment level is somewhat lower than with Infusionsoft and Hubspot. It also features the lowest ongoing fees as the number of contacts and emails per month increases.

Ontraport are determined to become a true all-in-one platform by packing it to the gills with features (there are some examples under “pleasure points” below)

All this has established Ontraport as a real competition to Infusionsoft. Their CRM is powerful, flexible and fully customizable. There’s a huge number of Ontraport’s built-in features that are either impossible to do in Infusionsoft, or only available through a 3rd party add-on at extra monthly cost.

Feature richness, flexibility and scalability, together with the refreshingly sincere and open company culture (founder and CEO Landon Ray still takes the time to personally reply to requests and complaints in forums) have caused a sizeable number of well-known and respected online personalities, bloggers and coaches to move their businesses over to Ontraport over the last few years.

It is noteworthy that Ontraport is the only tool in this segment that features a fully relational database and the capability to design custom objects that can be linked with each other in any fashion.

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Ontraport Pleasure Points

  • Features

    Of all the all-in-one automation solutions, Ontraport provides the largest number of features out of the box, which makes it a great tool for people who prefer to have everything in one place. If you get Ontraport, everything is right there: top-notch responsive landing page and form builders that don’t need to fear a direct comparison with LeadPages, A-B-C-D split-testing, 2-way text messaging, order forms, 1-click upsells, custom objects, Facebook custom audience integration, personalized URLs, membership site, affiliate programs, and more. In its current form, Ontraport is already feature packed. Nonetheless, it continues to develop new sophisticated features which add more more power to this all-in-one automation tool. One such exciting experimental feature is the Projection Mode of the campaign builder. It allows you to play around with what-if scenarios based on your current stats. You could manually adjust figures on certain campaign elements to predict how those changes would impact other elements further downstream.

  • Visual Campaign Builder and Reporting Tool

    Ontraport’s new campaign builder (introduced in June 2017) is the easiest and the most powerful visual campaign builder on the market. It is loaded with powerful features, boasts a user interface that is intuitive, and packs advanced reporting capabilities. It allows you to build campaign maps that automate every part of the customer life cycle and it’s the first ever which can show all parts of a business on a single map. This gives the business owner a complete picture of how the business works, providing unprecedented marketing insights which translate to smarter business decisions. The visual campaign builder is also head and shoulders above the competition for ease of use. One prime example is the campaign builder’s ability to let you work on the assets associated with your campaign from WITHIN the campaign map workflow. It makes the whole process really easy and super efficient. The campaign builder’s performance mode is without question the most powerful built-in visual reporting tool available inside an all-in-one automation platform. It shows you the real time statistics of the different elements of your campaign map. Among others, you’ll find here the conversion rates, the lifetime value of your customers, the time it takes to achieve goals, and the number of contacts passing through a campaign element. Most importantly, this is where you actually see which lead sources achieve better goal conversions. It provides invaluable insights so you can improve your workflow and maximize your results. In short, you get a visual campaign builder that’s loaded with powerful features and optimized for ease of use. That’s a one-two punch that puts Ontraport on a dominant position in the all-in-one marketing automation slugfest. As a matter of fact, Ontraport was recently named the Bronze winner in the Best in Biz Awards for Best New Product Feature of the Year – Enterprise/SMB category for its visual campaign builder.

  • Culture

    Ontraport’s open and modern company culture receives a lot of praise across the board. As a bootstrapped company with just over 100 employees they are still in a position to engage in personal conversations and to react quickly to feature requests or when upsets happen. Their founder and CEO Landon Ray personally responds to people on social media, and the company has a track record of communicating proactively and openly in the rare cases that something goes south.

  • Pricing

    Ontraport’s pricing is very competitive, both in the short term and for future scalabilty. Taking into account the feature richness, you get a lot of functionality for your monthly fee right from the beginning. As your database or list of subscribers grow, Ontraport still has pretty much the best monthly rates for large lists, compared to its competitors.

  • Flexibility

    With their step-by-step if-then logic, dozens of different trigger types and dozens of different action types, there is almost no automation that I can think of that you can’t build out. The CRM is fully customizable (pages, tabs and fields can be arranged however it is best for your purposes), and the ability to create custom object types is a very unique selling point (see below).

  • Custom Objects

    Ontraport is the only small business CRM that allows you to build custom record types and link them together in the fashion of a true relational database (1-to-1, 1-to-many and many-to-many relationships). Use custom objects to create and link records for opportunities, companies, bids or quotes, customer installs, courses and students, trips, pets or any other data you’d like to store and put in relation with each other. Automations can be created for every object, they even have their own API.

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Ontraport Pain Points

  • Small Number of Integrations

    There is still only a very small number of 3rd party integrations available for Ontraport, likely due to the fact that they completely upgraded their API when they not too long ago changed their core system from the old Office AutoPilot to the current engine. Since it comes with many features built in, this may not pose a challenge at first, but the more sophisticated user may miss the ability to pick some best-of breed single-point solution for a specific business need as it arises. At the time of writing even our goto integration allrounder Zapier only has a laughable number of triggers and actions available for Ontraport. (Two, to be precise)

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