Infusionsoft Review

Infusionsoft could be considered the “gold standard” in sales and marketing automation for small businesses. They’ve been around since 2001 (longer than Ontraport, Hubspot or ActiveCampaign), are serving over 25,000 small business customers, and have a rich eco-system of integrations, 3rd party apps and certified consultants (I am one of them).

Despite claims that their software is convoluted and confusing, earning it the nickname “Confusionsoft”, this is no longer true in my experience. Infusionsoft is extremely feature rich, and therefore naturally has a bit of a steeper learning curve. Over the last few years they have put a lot of energy into making the many features easier to understand and access – starting with the release of their visual campaign builder, which makes the design, build-out and maintenance of complex automation campaigns intuitive AND fun!

The sales automation module is robust, the e-commerce capabilities are decent, but nothing compared to any of the best of breed single purpose shopping cart solutions out there, and there is enough stuff built into the application that Infusionsoft may well be the only tool you’ll ever need, (other than a 3rd party solution that helps you create decent looking landing pages and forms).

Infusionsoft targets stage 3 businesses, with more than 1000 contacts, a few employees, 3+ years in business and $250k+ annual revenue.

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Infusionsoft Pleasure Points

  • Visual Campaign Builder

    Create entire marketing campaigns and automations through a simple drag-and drop interface. Planning and building out happens on the same drawing board, arranging triggers, sequences, emails and more on a canvas and connecting them with lines. Everything that belongs together is in one place.

  • Interface and Workflow

    They really cleaned up the interface. Customizable dashboard, quick-search bar, interactive contact view which gives you the most frequently needed functions right under a contact snippet in a contact search result, and “My Day” productivity overview.

  • Opportunity Management

    Infusionsoft has powerful tools to design a custom sales pipeline and to support sales teams in taking prospects through, structured sales process. (Deluxe edition and up). All sorts of automations can be triggered simply by moving an opportunity into another stage.

  • E-Commerce and Shopping Cart

    Infusionsoft is the only all-in-one tool discussed on this website that features not only order forms, but a full storefront. It is somewhat limited when compared to a dedicated shopping cart software like WooCommerce or Shopify, but enough for very many use cases, besides thanks to Infusionsoft’s powerful API, there are plenty of 3rd party shopping cart integrations available.

  • Eco-System

    Infusionsoft has a rich eco-system of 3rd party apps and integrations that either provide functionality that’s not there out-of-the-box, or just much better than what comes built-in. You can rest assured that whatever the need is, someone has built an app for it.

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Infusionsoft Pain Points

  • Website Tracking

    Tracking contact behavior on websites is essentially non-existent. Triggering actions based on a contact’s website behavior is hard to impossible. This is a severe lack in functionality. Ontraport and ActiveCampaign both do an amazing job in this regard.

  • Commitment Level

    Getting married to Infusionsoft requires a high level of blind faith and commitment. Not only don’t they offer a free trial (like ActiveCampaign or even Hubspot) or a money back guarantee (like Ontraport), but they require customers to pay for a mandatory kickstart package AND to sign an annual contract (with monthly payments). Some coaching and implementation is included in the kickstart package, but I have yet to personally meet any Infusionsoft customer who thinks this was a good investment.

  • Implementation Slowness

    This is hopefully a thing from the past, but for several years, despite enormous funding, Infusionsoft was painfully neglecting to listen to reasonable, urgent feature requests or necessary fixes that the community of customers and certified consultants were asking for. Some recent changes within the product development team seem to have been successful, and for some time now the monthly updates have felt provided much needed improvements.

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